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I just wanted to say a heartfelt thank you to the SSP team for all of the additional online sport and exercise ideas, competitions and incentives over the lockdown period. Our children have thoroughly enjoyed them (staff too!) and they have continued to support us in promoting our focus of healthy body and mind - Headteacher from subscribed school.


Thanks to everyone who took part of this organization or delivered. I found it very useful and recommend to all the PE co-ordinators.


Fantastic workshops! Feel I've learned a lot and am looking forward to implementing some of the ideas from today into sessions back at my school!


A great day, gathered lots of useful information. I now feel like I'm more updated as to what's going on and what I need to do to move the school forward. The boxing and bokwa sessions were excellent - thank you.


Best course I have been on.


Thank you to everyone involved in organising and running the PE Conference on Friday. I am new to role and it was my first CPD opportunity in post. I found the day so useful and informative! So many key pieces of information shared and lots of inspiring ideas to take away from the workshops. Will definitely be booking on to the next one.


An excellent session! All workshop leaders were able to suggest adaptations for SEND (inc wheelchair users, VI and HI pupils. Would be interested in attending other events.


The sessions were very good and events like this give us the opportunity to network and make good contacts to develop sport. There is always a good range of workshops and it is good to see sports that are usually not included in curriculum sport (non contact boxing) being introduced. A very good day - Thank you.


"Well done for last night, the reaction of the students was amazing and your contribution to raising their confidence and self esteem cannot be underestimated. They feel so much more part of the community at events such as these and your professionalism shone through!"


"Where teaching is outstanding, pupils make rapid progress because they are engrossed in the engaging activities set by the teacher. In one such physical education lesson, teachers and support staff worked exceptionally well together as a team, building on what pupils found out for themselves, and giving advice and guidance to take the learning even further. In this lesson, pupils were gripped in the creation of a sequence of movements using skills just learned. They proudly explored a range of movement techniques and shared them with a partner by teaching them the sequence. In so doing they depend their understanding of movement sequences and the way the body could move"


"I just wanted to contact you to thank you and your team for another fantastic and well organised event"


"Thank you for the sports hall athletics today, everything was extremely well organised as ever"


I just wanted to say how fantastic your coach was teaching Year 3 on Monday/Tuesday. We have a high number of SEND children in Year 3 and all joined in and loved it. I have a boy with cerebral palsy who uses sticks and your coach made sure that he felt part of the session. A big thank you!!


Primary Head Teacher


Just wanted to say thank you for the pre-recorded videos, I have posted them on year 2, 4, and 6 dojo (today is PE day for them) and they have been a big hit, they can't wait for next week!


Hi Ian


Those sessions were fantastic, the children (and staff) loved them!

I had a quick chat with the teachers and they really enjoyed the activities and games and would like more of the same please.


Joe Wicks look out!!!


Response to Lockdown PE Videos':


Me and my Mum did PE it was very hard with the burpees press ups and sit ups but when I challenged my self more it got easy I can't believe it gets harder every week!

Fun and exhausting!

The boys enjoyed doing this activity together

I was sweating after this PE lesson

PE was very fun !

Hope did the workout and enjoyed it

Charlie enjoyed his PE today he did most moves some he found harder than others but gave it a go all the same and had fun 😁

Casey and her little brother really enjoyed the PE class today.

Ivy loved today's PE and did it with her sister!

Dexter loved the PE lesson this morning

Luke enjoyed the bean game

Esha had fun doing the PE.

Really good game and exercise. Now I’m all warmed up 

Evie said it was hard work

Sophia absolutely loved this work out. She is missing her sport so much with everything cancelled!

We did this to start our day this morning and Erin is energised for a hard days work!

Marnie enjoyed pe today with a little help from her little sister

Dillon loved the PE exercises this morning!